Sustainable Food Service Packaging for Restaurants and Cafes

Posted on May 25, 2018 by Ash Bennett

Show your customers that you’re business is dedicated to a cleaner future and switch to eco-friendly food packaging. Reduce the amount of landfill waste with these convenient and compostable product lines available through Kent Paper. There are environmentally responsible, and no less convenient, options for everything from takeaway boxes to sauce cups and straws. You and your customers will appreciate being a part of the solution, not the problem.


Kent Paper offers an entire line of Kraft Fibre board bowls, plates, trays, boxes and napkins that will reduce landfill waste dramatically at any foodservice establishment. These plant-based fibers create strong dishware for on the go but eco-friendly eating. These biodegradable dishes meet ASTM D-6400 standard for compostability. They are microwave and freezer safe, durable, and available in various sizes and styles for your food service needs. Whether you’re serving them as a street vendor or distributing them at a hospital, Kraft Fibre plates and bowls work as well as their plastic counterparts and don’t bust the budget.


Cups are often the principal source of trash at cafes, juice bars, and coffee houses. Avoid sending loads of plastic to the landfill and choose biodegradable plastic instead. Kent Paper offers a line of biodegradable PLA-poly lactic acid based cups. They come in 12 and 16-ounce sizes, with flat or dome top lids for a variety of beverages, smoothies, iced coffee drinks, and Italian sodas. Hot drinks can go into unbleached Kraft cups or simple, single walled cardboard for easy composting. Ask Kent Paper about their eco-friendly line of Greenware biodegradable cups.


Take your restaurant to the next level, and ensure that nothing you send your customers home with becomes landfill trash. Pair Kraft takeaway boxes with eco-cutlery and provide an entirely green experience that your customers will come back for. Cornstarch based cutlery is a biodegradable way to provide convenient takeaway utensils without creating extra trash or spending loads of extra cash. For those looking to set themselves apart, even more, consider a line of Brown Wooden Forks. They come with a sense of organic farm-to-table dining.


Are you looking for an environmentally sound version of the simple drinking straw? Kent Paper has you covered with their biodegradable and stylish paper-based drinking straws. So convenient, and available in cute colors like yellow and green striped, these compostable straws will go perfectly with the biodegradable plastic juice cups. Don’t worry, even the dyes and wrappers are FDA approved and compostable.

Take Away

Finding the right takeaway containers is important for any food business. If customers end up with soggy containers, they won’t be happy. They also aren’t happy when faced with an armful of plastic to throw away after one meal. Kent Paper’s corrugated cardboard takeaway boxes are durable, made of recycled materials, and biodegradable. Fold over lids make them an inexpensive and fast way to package to-go food. Kraft Fibre trays are another option for restaurants seeking eco-friendly dishware. Transparent cornstarch-based lids make for easy viewing, and separate compartments allow you to split up dishes on the same plate.

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