HuskeeCup Reusable Keep Cups

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Huskee Cup is designed to solve your cafe’s problems

We understand the demands of running a great café. From managing staff to delivering an incredible customer experience, every product and step in your workflow counts. HuskeeCup helps you streamline your cafe, reduce your eco-footprint, and make your customers happy.

How You Can Use HuskeeCup:

There are three ways that you can implement HuskeeCup to streamline your café, reduce your eco footprint and make your customers happy:

01. Offer HuskeeCup as a Retail item

Stocking HuskeeCup as a retail product will emphasize your value for sustainability to your customers and maximise sales. Our cups, lids and saucers come in two colours: natural husk and charcoal. They ship in packs of 4 which can be opened up and sold separately, or kept in their retail-ready box.

02. Make HuskeeCup your dine-in cup

Imagine a dine-in cup that’s chip or crack resistant and keeps your customer’s coffee hotter for longer. HuskeeCup beats ceramics in thermal retention and is a great dine-in solution. It’s:

  • Durable and dishwasher friendly and designed to last years in even the most rigorous cafe environment.
  • Stackable with a universal saucer to increase storage and ordering efficiency. (No more mismatched cup and saucer quantities!)

03. Replace takeaway cups with HuskeeSwap.

Entire cities are working towards completely banning single-use cups. HuskeeSwap is a world first takeaway cup replacement system that’s convenient and designed with your cafe in mind. Customers purchase a cup, and join as a Huskee swap member.

Beat the ban & anticipate the coming industry shift.

Our system utilizes products that your customers have already paid for and creates a pool of stock that you can reuse and recycle. You will however need to keep a ‘float’ of cups ready to exchange.

Begin the onboarding process today and join us in the development of the best takeaway cup replacement.