Packaging Supplies

Packaging Supplies for Cafes, Bakeries & Restaurants

Kent Paper & Packaging, is a family owned Australian business. We were established in 1956. We support Australian Cafes, Bakeries & Restaurants. We have the largest range of packaging supplies, quickest delivery time, and the best customer service. Our catalog includes our comprehensive selection of environmentally sustainable packaging.

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Disposable Cups & Lids: Our coffee cup range includes single & double wall cups. We also have a range of ripple cups. We stock Juice cups and Sundae and gelato cups. Our plastic wine glasses are perfect for any catering event.
Paper, Plastic & Cellophane Bags: Our bag range will give cafe and restaurant owners everything they require. Our range includes everything from sandwich bags through to garbage bags.
Food Containers: Made from translucent or black plastic. We also have am environmental range of cardboard containers. Our disposable containers are are designed for food service and are perfect for takeaway food.
Takeway Food Boxes: Available in a variety of sizes. Whatever style you choose our takeaway boxes will enhance your customers takeout experience. Our Boxes can hold many types of food whether it is cold, hot , wet, or dry.
Takeway Food Trays: McDonalds style fold up coffee trays. We also stock fiber coffee trays. We have fast food trays. Perfect for food service.
Napkins & Serviettes: Made from high quality tissue paper. Available in many shapes and sizes.
Disposable Cuttlery: Our selection includes wooden knife and forks. We also have a range of plastic and eco cuttlery.
Disposable Plates & Bowls: We stock a large selection of disposable plates in many sizes. Our range includes plates made from plastic and fibre cardboard.
Foil & Cling Film: We supply a high quality range of cling film and foil rolls. Our aluminium foil containers are Australian made and HACCP certified. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and for many items we stock matching lids.
Foam Range: We stock an exciting selection styrofoam Packaging.Our styrofoam food clams are available in a range of sizes. We stock an exciting selection of meat trays. They are made from styrofoam. Our meat trays are available in black or white in a variety of sizes.
Bakery Packaging:Our bake and serve range allows wholesale bakeries to bake serve & ship in the same box. There is no need to use non-stick sprays or baking paper. Forget about oiling, de-tinning or washing metal pans.No more oil or sprays – Traybon products have their own special non-stick coating. The tray can unfold on the side to allow you to open up the box for easy cake portioning so there is no more de-tinning – bake and ship in the same box. No more metal pans – just imagine how much storage space you can save! The Traybon Bake-In Box range creates a more efficient and profitable bakery business.
Pack & Wrap: supply the full range range of paper, plastic and cellophane wrappings . We supply our range to some of Australia’s leading gift stores. We have assisted with their ongoing packaging requirements and can assist you in sourcing the right wrapping solution. We stock a selection of corrugated moving boxes and cartons. Our corrugated boxes and cartons are made from the strongest cardboard available in Australia.
Table Covers:We stock an exciting selection of doilies, place mats and table covers. Our large range is perfect for restaurants, cafes and hotels. We stock our tableware in both plastic and paper. Our range comes in a variety of colours and sizes.
Paper, Pens & Docket Books:We have a range of high quality stationery and Docket Books.
Straw Range: We stock an exciting selection of straws which complements our range of packaging supplies. Our straws are perfect for restaurants, cafes and hotels. Our plastic straws are available in standard, cocktail and jumbo sizes and in a variety of colours. We also stock individually wrapped plastic straws. We supply to some Australia’s leading restaurants and hotels and have assisted with their ongoing packaging requirements.
Skewers & Toothpicks: We stock an exciting selection of coffee stirrers. We supply our wooden stirrers to Australia’s leading cafe’s and fast food outlets. We also sell wooden toothpicks.Our steak markers and flags are made from wooden toothpicks and small paper sheets.
Cafe Syrups & Sugar:Our range of café syrups and sugars are made in Australia using aussie grown sugar. Whether its café syrups, iced coffee shots or sugar, our wholesale range is perfect for efficient café service.The natural raw infusion selection brings you and your customers a new standard in Café Syrups. Made in Australia using aussie grown raw sugar, infused with all natural flavour. Whether its the rich buttery Caramel or the truly authentic Chai Spice these premium syrups will enhance your hot beverages with intense long lasting flavours that will keep your customers coming back for more.
Detergents & Cleaning Supplies:We supply high quality cleaning chemicals to the food service industry. We aim to provide detergents that are environmentally friendly. Our chemicals are competitive in performance and value. We also stock a selection of high quality wipers, sponges and scourers.
Paper Towels & Toilet Tissue: We stock a selection of facial tissues, toilet paper and hand towels. We also sell perforated kitchen hand towels and commercial quality roll towels.
Party Supplies: We stock an exciting range of party supplies. Our choice of packaging is perfect for birthdays, weddings and parties.We stock an exciting range of party supplies.We stock a large selection of balloons in many colours and sizes. We also stock a selection of party candles and streamers.

Environmental Packaging Supplies:

Help prevent unwanted waist from ending up in our landfills and oceans by offering compostable packaging to your customers. Our environmentally sustainable packaging. is perfect if you are looking for a sustainable future.
Kent Papers environmentally sustainable packaging. cause less impact to our environment compared to generic packaging. We source our large selection form certified manufacturers with a proven record for producing sustainable packaging. We select compostable products that will safely breakdown into our environment.