Disposable Bags

  • Brown Paper Bags

    Brown Paper Bags

  • White Paper Bags

    White Paper Bags

  • Foil Lined Bags

    Foil Lined Bags

  • Coffee & Cookie Bags

    Coffee & Cookie Bags

  • Garbage Bags

    Garbage Bags

  • Cellophane Bags

    Cellophane Bags

  • Fruit & Freezer Bags

    Fruit & Freezer Bags

  • Vacuum Bags

    Vacuum Bags

  • Zip Lock Bags

    Zip Lock Bags

  • Plastic Carry Bags

    Plastic Carry Bags

  • Boutique Shopping Bags

    Boutique Shopping Bags

  • Twist Ties

    Twist Ties

From paper bags to plastic bags and every handle in between, Kent Paper is your one stop shop for all your disposable bags. Our online range includes cellophane bags, foil lined bags, zip lock bags, vacuum bags, garbage bags, and more. Whether you need to store food or provide your customers with various takeaway options, Kent Paper has the food bag for you.

The disposable bag range is just one of many areas Kent Paper covers when it comes to packaging needs. Supplying Australia’s leading food service outlets, bakeries, restaurants and cafes, Kent Paper is your trusted provider of packaging and catering products.