Enviro Choice

  • Huskeecup Reusable Keep Cups

    Huskeecup Reusable Keep Cups

  • Bio Box By

    Bio Box By "world Centric"

  • Eco Snack Boxes

    Eco Snack Boxes

  • Kraft Noodle Boxes

    Kraft Noodle Boxes

  • Kraft Paper Trays

    Kraft Paper Trays

  • Pine Range

    Pine Range

  • Eco Plates & Bowls

    Eco Plates & Bowls

  • Eco Coffee Cups

    Eco Coffee Cups

  • Eco Juice Cups

    Eco Juice Cups

  • Eco Sauce Cups

    Eco Sauce Cups

  • Eco Round Deli

    Eco Round Deli

  • Compostable Straws

    Compostable Straws

  • Eco Cutlery

    Eco Cutlery

  • Kraft Napkins

    Kraft Napkins

  • Eco Shopping Bags

    Eco Shopping Bags

  • Bio Detergents

    Bio Detergents

Our range of “Enviro choice” environmentally  friendly packaging and catering disposables are environmentally safe and designed to be kind to the earth. We have cost effective, sustainable options from eco juice cups, cutlery, coffee cups and plastic bags, to kraft paper bowls, trays, plates and napkins. We also stock eco chemicals including biodegradable detergents made from environmentally friendly and sustainable raw materials.

Kent Paper is helping the food service industry to have a better impact in today’s environment with compostable packaging and catering solutions to reduce landfill waste from plastic and Styrofoam materials. Make the switch today and move towards a better future.