Bakery Packaging

  • Baking Box

    Baking Box

  • Muffin Trays

    Muffin Trays

  • Round Spring-form

    Round Spring-form

  • Pastry Cartons

    Pastry Cartons

  • Cake Boards

    Cake Boards

  • Baking Paper

    Baking Paper

  • Patty Pans

    Patty Pans

Bake, decorate, portion, freeze, distribute and serve from the same patented cardboard baking box which has been designed for the wholesale bakery.

There’s no need to store, prepare or wash up your baking tins or pans. The special non-stick coating makes de-tinning and portioning easy. TrayBon immediately reduces your product, packaging and labour costs. It will improve your entire production capability creating a more efficient and profitable baking business.

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