Enviro Friendly Straws

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 We supply biodegradable paper and plastic straws. Please see the below detailed information on our range.

Biodegradable Paper Straws

Our straws are made from 3-ply Food Grade Paper, making the straw last well in a drink, and hold its shape.
Our straws are made from natural cellulose fibres that are compostable and biodegradable.
Our manufacturer holds FSC Certificaton (Forest Stewardship Council) for the paper sourced to make our paper straws, so the paper is sourced from sustainable forests in a controlled environment.
Paper straws would be best considered for safety of our marine environment. For our customer’s close to the ocean, paper straws are the best choice, having natural celulose fibres as the primary material of the straw. We just need to ensure that any straws don’t end up in the oceans in the first place as a primary objective.
• PASS for Council of Europe Resoltion AP (2002) test for Heavy Metals
and Chemicals;
• USA and EU FDA approvals For Paper Products coming into contact with
• FSC certified – Forest Stewardship Council – Paper sourced for the
manufacture of paper straws;

Biodegradable Plastic Straws

Our Oxo-Biodegradable Eco-Straw is the most cost effective option.A Plastic Straw with the additive “Reverte” which alters the molecular structure of the plastic, giving the end user the same experience as a normal PP straw with all liquids including high acid juices, but the added eco advantage of having an approximate lifespan of 18 months after its useful life instead of 30+ years, like a normal straw.

After an initial 48 hours of sunlight, and exposure to oxygen, the straw will begin to degrade, eventually become brittle like a leaf, slowly breaking down to where it can be then be attacked in a micro-biological form, eventually degrading to CO2 and Biomass. If this straw unfortunately finds it way into an open environment, this is where its degradable properties work
Our OXO-BIO Eco-Straws meet standards for exposing and testing plastics that degrade by a combination of Oxidisation and Biodegradation. These straws take longer to break down compared to our Paper straws and therefore cannot be claimed as a commercially compostable straw, however once fully broken down, meet the same eco-toxicity standards as Tier 3 –
Ecotoxicity in the standard EN13432. The plastic, now biomass and CO2
poses no threat to the earth, once fully broken down.
• ASTM D6954-04(2013) – American Standard Guide for Exposing and
• Plastics that Degrade in the Environment by a combination of Oxidation
and Biodegradation;
• This covers Tier 1 – Degradability, Tier 2 – Biodegradability, Tier 3 – Ecotoxicity
EN13432 – Ecotoxicity (Only);
• USA and EU FDA approvals For Plastics coming into contact with Food.