Style Tips For Your Café Packaging

Posted on November 1, 2019 by Ash Bennett

When you think about café style, you probably imagine cool counter tops, trendy light fittings, and chic wall art. However, you probably gloss over one of the most important aspects of your café’s style branding: packaging. Your food and drink packaging represent your café in the online world of Instagram and Facebook, making it a key for tapping into these free promotional sources. Similarly, your packaging is in the hands of everyone who grabs a cappuccino or a salad to go, so it needs to look good. What can you do to make your packaging more stylish and appealing?

Keep It Simple

The early 2000s were all about brash patterns and heavy logos, but this trend is well and truly behind us now. Simple, neutral packaging without detailing is the way to make a statement these days.

Make It Sustainable

Today’s consumers care about environmental impact and you should too. Making the switch to sustainable packaging that is eco-friendly and responsibly sourced will impress your current customers and encourage new buyers, so look into biodegradable paper and fibre options.

Go Brown

Similarly, aim for neutral colours like brown and beige instead of artificial tones. These shades look more natural and evoke feelings of health, vitality, and sophistication. Serving takeout items in corrugated cardboard boxes with wooden cutlery is much more appealing.

Try Ripple Wrap Coffee Cups

Get rid of coffee cups with slippery plastic coatings and reach for something more ergonomic and stylish. Ripple wrap coffee cups are easier to hold and more eye-catching, making them a more neutral and sophisticated option.

Consider Closure

Too many cafés overlook the importance of packaging closures. Takeout customers need to transport their items without spillage, so Chinese-style noodles boxes and tamper-proof plastic containers are a great way to balance style and practicality.

Use Trays

Small trays are a stylish way to package dishes like salads, sandwiches, burgers, and pastries. They give off a street food vibe that’s visually appealing and highly Instagrammable. Paper boat and bamboo trays are simple but stylish café packaging options.

Scribble It

You want to give off an effortless, luxe vibe with your packaging, so get rid of printed logos or stamps. Instead, bring back the scrawl by asking your baristas to scribble the item name on your packaging instead.

Add A Sticker

If your café moves too fast to implement a handwriting system, try using stickers instead. A small sticker with your café name, logo, or item description adds a pop of identity to packaging without overwhelming a simple style. Stickers can also act as an extra closure on paper packaging, so they’re stylish and functional.

In the highly visual world of café promotion, your style needs to stand out. You want people to see your food lavishly displayed in chic containers on Instagram, or held stylishly in the hand of someone posing on Facebook. These packaging style tips will keep you in vogue so you never miss a potential customer.

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