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Whether you’re in need of trays for serving or displaying food, or you need disposable food plates & bowls for takeaway items, Kent Paper stocks a great range of options to suit your needs. We have paper trays & plates, bamboo trays and foam trays for hot and cold food, as well as silver, plastic and aluminium serving trays for displaying platters or larger dishes.

Kent Paper’s selection of disposable plates, bowls, platters and serving dishes are perfect for all types of food service outlet, whether you’re a café, bakery or restaurant. The disposable plates come in a range of sizes. Suitable for salads, soups or noodle dishes, the collection of black, white and clear plastic bowls work together with the clear plastic bowl lids.

We also feature an extensive range of platters for display or serving, including compartment trays perfect for antipasto platters. Kent Paper is your trusted supplier of packaging and catering products.

Kent Paper is a trusted supplier of packaging and catering products for Australia’s leading food service outlets, bakeries, restaurants and cafes. Shop our range of food trays perfectly suited to meet your business needs and understand what makes us different.