Smart Ways to Make Your Restaurant Greener and More Profitable Too

Posted on May 18, 2018 by Ash Bennett

It was not that long ago that restaurant owners had to make a choice between boosting profits and reducing their environmental footprints. Those restaurant owners knew that going green was the right thing to do, but they also knew that the chefs, servers, hosts, dishwashers and other staff members relied on the business to make a living and put food on their own tables.

That dichotomy between environmental responsibility and profitability was a real stumbling block, but it is being broken down with every passing day. Green products no longer come with a price premium, and restaurant owners can find environmentally friendly packaging materials, takeaway containers and other great products, all at an affordable price.

Whether your restaurant or café is a brand new one or has been in business for years, there are plenty of ways to incorporate environmental sustainability into your everyday operations. If you do it right, you can enjoy a greener work environment – and put more green in your wallet. Here are some practical tips to get you started.

.   Never sacrifice quality construction for sustainability. A green takeaway container will do your customers no good if it falls apart halfway home. Choosing environmentally friendly takeaway containers made with recycled materials is great, but those takeaway containers still need to be up to the task.

.   Offer repeat customers a discount for reusing their old takeaway containers. If you offer takeout service, encourage customers to bring back and reuse your takeaway containers. You will save money, and so will your customers.

.   Educate your customers. You do not want to hit your customers over the head with green materials, but an attractive display at the counter or by the door is a nice touch.

.   Choose serving materials and takeaway containers that are attractive, high quality and environmentally friendly. Getting this trifecta of value is not as hard as you think, so shop carefully and choose items that reflect your high quality standard and your proud commitment to the environment.

.   Change up your takeaway containers and other environmentally sustainable materials to

Burger boxes

Takeway Food Boxes

keep your café or restaurant looking fresh. While utility is certainly important, every takeaway container you give out, every plate on your table and every recycled place mat is a direct reflection of your business.

.   Use your sustainable takeaway containers and packaging materials to advertise your restaurant and bring in more business. Printing your address and phone number on the packaging and including your logo and perhaps a QR code can bring you more business and help spread the word about your eatery.

.   Choose insulated takeaway containers for hot and cold dishes. You want the great food you serve to arrive at your customers’ homes just as delicious as when it left. Using insulated takeaway containers will make reserving easier and reduce food waste as well.

.   Train your staff to choose the appropriate size and the right packaging materials. You always want to use the smallest size takeaway containers and the least amount of packaging possible, so train your staff, and then give them the freedom to use their own discretion and common sense.

Running a restaurant is no easy feat in today’s environment, but choosing green and environmentally sustainable packaging materials and takeaway containers can improve your business and even boost your profits. Far from being a drain on profitability, going green is actually good for business, so there is no reason not to make the switch.


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