What’s so great about Craft Beer

Posted on September 21, 2016 by Ash Bennett

Have you heard about the ‘beer revolution’? Australia’s favourite drink is back in the hands of the ordinary man and the humble brew is becoming synchronous with words such as; independence and freedom.  If you customers is not already asking for it, they soon will be, and if you don’t supply, they’re sure to be looking for a place where the beards are manicured and the tattoos snaking the biceps are a work of art.

So what’s so great about this beer that is ‘crafted’ rather than manufactured. Is 3:00 pm too early to sample my 4 Pines Special just to get in the mood? Well, no. Not if the atmosphere is right. Between golden sips I am gong to tell you why craft beer is a must for your restaurant or cafe.

Obviously, I must start with the taste. There is no doubt, it just tastes better. Craft brewers put their heart and soul into the their product. Sometimes their beer tastes like a summer day, with grapefruit, pine and hops. Other times the beer may be warming with hints of chocolate, dark fruit, smoke and oak. Along with the breadth of ingredients and strange combinations these new brewmasters want to tell a story. The names and labelling aim to capture the heart of the brewer. Please don’t deny me, I need to name just a few. How can one not want to try; Nomad’s – Choc-Wort Orange, Stone & Wood’s, Jasper Ale or a Six String’s, Bobby Brown… And you thought wine was fancy.

Are you thirsty yet? How about hungry? If it’s food is that you do, wine is all very well, but don’t overlook humble malt and hops for making good food taste even better. Beer has an amazing capacity to pair with all kinds of foods. Not that I have anything against pizza and beer, but craft beer will not be limited. Craft beer keeps perfect company with the slow food movement, pale ales cool down a fiery curry, malts match cheese and pumpkin ale; it must fit in somewhere. The beer master’s imagination can pair  with any dish that you could ever dream up.

Health. After all, it’s important, and beer has a pretty bad image when it comes to the health. This is because the ‘beer giants’ felt obliged to make a product that was, consistent. Can I say; consistently ordinary. Wet and cold; but perhaps they felt it ended up a little bland and they felt obliged to jazz it up with cost cutting fillers such as GMO corn, corn syrup and camel colouring. Not the kind of beer that lends itself to being savoured. Craft beer really is different. Craft brewers use more malt, hops and barley. These ingredients are rich in precious antioxidants, contain Niacin, Zinc and magnesium and a host of other health benefits. Not to mention the ultimate benefit your customer will receive when they can in all good conscience, stop and shoot the breeze – stress free, knowing they are doing their body a favour keeping that golden craft beer in hand.

And here is the best part. You will have to taste these craft beers, so you can find just the right brew to match you and your menu. Your local independent brewery is not a bad place to start. Beer makers are known to be among the world’s friendliest people and would welcome a visit.

Now there’s one revolution you might want to get behind.

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