Transitioning Your Cafe From Summer to Winter

Posted on April 9, 2019 by Ash Bennett

Cooler temperatures are on the horizon, which means that it’s time to transition your cafe’s product offerings, decor, and service to the upcoming winter season. Winter is a great time of year for coffee shops, as customers are craving warm drinks and comfortable shelter from the outdoors. By taking advantage of the extra demand in the Autumn and winter, you can increase your business and really put your cafe on the map. Here are some subtle but effective ways to transition your cafe in the cooler months.

Switch up your drink menu.

A subtle switch in your drink menu that incorporates decidedly wintry flavors is a great way to appeal to customers. Creativity and individuality make a big difference, so don’t be afraid to invent something new. In particular, apple and pear flavors are popular in the wintertime, but there are plenty of other ingredients you could use as well. In addition to coffee drinks, try incorporating tea and hot chocolates – both popular warm-weather flavors.

Change your product packaging.

Switching up your packaging is a simple way to liven up your cafe as the temperatures drop. Just offering coffee cups and napkins with a new color or pattern can set the tone for the new season. You’ll also want to consider the way your products are presented in your display – adding a winter feel to your pastry display or even your menu board is charming and fun, and shows off your businesses’ personality.

Introduce season-specific promotions or events.

Draw in new customers as the weather gets cold with new promotions. Introduce a sale promoting new products or services, or you could even develop a loyalty program that encourages customers to return multiple times throughout the season to be rewarded. If you want your cafe to be a gathering place for the community, you could also plan some events to encourage visitors to stop by. For example, you could host performances by local musicians or poets, set up a networking event for local professionals, or host tastings to allow customers to try a full variety of coffee brews.

Make your environment more comfortable.

As the weather cools off, you’ll want to make your cafe feel warm and cozy to balance out the change of season. Start turning your heat on during cold times of day – it’ll attract people in from outside. Install light bulbs with a warm, cozy glow that will make visitors want to stay in from the rain and gloom. If you have couches in your cafe, accessorize them with comfy blankets and pillows. These small changes can actually make a huge difference when it comes to the overall feel of your cafe.

Pair hearty snacks and pastries with your drinks.

To go with your new drink menu, try introducing a few seasonal pastries or other food items as well. Richer flavors are more satisfying when the weather cools off, so go for items like cakes, muffins, and cookies, as well as hearty soups and sandwiches. You can even decorate your pastries with seasonal themes for a fun twist, or introduce promotions to encourage the sale of food with a drink.

Let us know how you prepare your cafe for the winter months in the comments below!

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