Top Australian Coffee Trends in 2017

Posted on April 24, 2017 by Ash Bennett

Top Australian Coffee Trends in 2017

Australia is known around the globe for its obsession with coffee and 2017 is of no exception. The newest trends in coffee drinks, as well as the classic brews are in demand across the country from guests expecting only one thing; the best cup of coffee they can get. But can they stop at just one cup?

Check out the top trends ruling Australian’s baristas and coffee cafes this year:

  • Independent coffee shops are booming across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the rest of the country like never before.
  • The Italian influence remains as inherently strong as it’s ever been.
  • The short black coffee and long black coffee are the newest twists to the traditional Americano.
  • More local cafes are taking the time to roast their own coffee.
  • Teenagers and young adults are socialising over coffee after school or work.
  • Businesses and residents are taking to ordering their coffee deliveries from independent local cafes.
  • Pour over coffee is still in trend in 2017. The coffee is made by gently pouring hot water over the ground coarse coffee grains sitting in a paper filter. The subtle light brew is chilled and ready to serve alone or in espresso cold drinks and iced lattes.
  • The demand for caffeine among young people is monumental and they are turning to coffee drinks as their primary source for the energizing stimulant.
  • Deconstructed coffee: 3 separate glasses served containing espresso, water, and milk.
  • Nitro coffee is one of the newest trends in cold coffee. 500 litres are brewed at a time, then the coffee is filtered before being charged with nitro. The effect? The bubbles are significantly enhanced. The finished coffee is then poured into kegs and is ready to be served over ice.
  • Rainbow coffee: Food dyes creatively applied to steaming hot milk kicking up the artisan touch on the classic latte. One quick search on Instagram for Australian rainbow coffee baristas will quickly tell you just how crazy big the trend of coffee art has already gotten!
  • 2% milk is starting to appear in more cafes, an addition to the usual full cream, rice milk, and soy milk available to patrons.
  • Consumers are getting more concerned about the origin of their coffee products, as well as the quality of taste. This being said, cafes and consumers are ordering a significant amount of green coffee beans, ensuring the coffee beans are grown on a sustainable farm.
  • More people are switching from instant coffee to local gourmet fresh coffee.
  • Caramel is a common request in customer cafe coffee orders.
  • Café culture is full of leisure, relaxation, food and conversation versus the American Wi-Fi connected culture of work focused grab and go coffee ordering.
  • Cold-drip coffee (carefully made one single drop at a time) is a favourite guests are ordering more now than in previous years.

No matter what your guests are ordering, one thing is obvious—they expect great service and a warm smile with their favourite coffee.

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