Take Away just got Highbrow

Posted on October 27, 2016 by Ash Bennett

Take Away restaurants; here’s your queue. Spring is here! There’s that familiar shift in the air; the daylight hours stretch into dinnertime. We’ve been cooped up all winter, but now it’s dinner time and it’s still balmy outside. We want to spread our picnic rugs and make a table out of grass. We don’t need to worry about keeping the children quiet, they can run and play while we toast the sunset and feast.

Restaurants are catching on:

Life is fast paced and at the end of the day, we often don’t want the fuss of cooking or even worse, cleaning up. At the same time, we are health conscious and know the taste of quality food. Restaurants are realising that this is a new market worth tapping into. Diners that don’t need table service, linen or the dishes done for them, yet they appreciate quality and are willing to pay extra for it. For the busy person, coming home to unpack a mouth-watering feast, is their perfect solution. They even get the guilty pleasure of sweeping their dishes into the bin.

A new twist on take away:

There is nothing wrong with the original doner kabab or a traditional pizza, but clever chefs are changing it up and doing some magic on our old favourites. Imagine nachos with kangaroo meat and fermented chilli paste. Burgers on sourdough, dripping with tomato jam and grilled blue cheese, or fish with river salt and fennel mayo. There are strange new seasonings; anise and fig, fennel mayo and fresh fat pickles. Nothing is saggy or old. The ingredients are fresher, trendier and have a hint of local about them.

Unwrap in style:

The table is set; a picnic blanket and a glorious soft warm night. Whether it be street food, five-star take away or a faithful spread of fish and chips, let the customer unwrap their take away food in a style that fits the view. Whether it be individually packed menu items, or rustic dinner boxes, thick, five ply serviette or my personal favourite the Noodle box. Let the packaging match the quality of the meal and the view.
So maybe your restaurant is hip and the decor is just right but there’s nothing like spreading your meal, beach side or at home on the balcony. We don’t need you to provide seating, or wait staff, just give us every excuse to share your food with our family and friends. Because, we the day to end, just yet.

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