School Fete Food Stall Ideas

Posted on September 26, 2017 by Ash Bennett

The best fete food stalls always feature colorful treats bursting out of boxes or wrapped up ready to go home with you. Trays of nachos, chips, and pies call out waiting to be eaten. Tables displaying slices and cakes make the mouth water. So, what are some great ideas for a school fete stall? Whether you’re celebrating a milestone or raising money for a class trip, a creative fete stall with quality takeaway packaging will draw in the crowd.

Slices and Cake

One idea is to send home empty cake boards, pastry cartons, and bread boxes a week before the fete so that parents have time to fill them up. Kent Paper offers baking boxes for loaves of bread and other goodies that go into the oven. Bake and serve in the same box, which is convenient for you and parents. It’s takeaway packaging that functions from batter to slice. Make sure parents include a list of ingredients to go with their contribution to abide by regulations.

 Chocolates and Candy

Consider displaying chocolates and candies piled high on disposable platters or in baskets. The abundant look will draw people into your stall. There’s nothing more appealing than a table full of rainbow chocolate barks, meringues, flavored marshmallows, and fruity gummies. Provide cellophane bags with twisty ties and allow guests to fill them with whatever they want for a set price. You’re not hassling with preparing takeaway packaging, your stall looks full, and customers get exactly what they’re after.

 Tea and Scones

High tea is a traditional fete stall that everyone frequents. Sell specialty coffees alongside tea, or set up an espresso machine with the help of a local business. Tea sandwiches can be pre-boxed in Enviro-Fiber or plastic sandwich clams. Keep them from getting squished and add character with cellophane-headed toothpicks. Scones can also be pre-packaged in cardboard snack boxes. Buyers will be eager to sample what you’ve got if they don’t have to wait long. Coffee trays will help them make it to their tables without spillage.

Hot Food

Hot food stalls are the biggest moneymakers for a school fete. Traditional burgers and hot dogs fill bellies, but creative ideas like noodle plates, curries, and gyros will bring in even more business. Line disposable takeaway packaging like foam or bamboo trays with paper for a professional street food look and top off your fish and chips with fun pirate sword toothpicks. Serve up dishes like curries and noodles in traditional noodle boxes that won’t spill and are easy to eat from.

Whatever your creative fete stall idea, accompany your food with excellent takeaway packaging for ease of distribution and a professional appeal. Keeping your stall looking full is one way to draw in business. Another is to allow the aromas of delicious food and sweets to emanate from your location. Always comply with local food regulations, and above all have fun with your stall. If you’re smiling, your guests will be too.

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