Making Food Takeaway Service Environment-Friendly

Posted on July 15, 2020 by Ash Bennett

Takeaway service often requires single-use packaging whether it’s in an urban cafe, restaurant or bakery. Each transaction means the use of boxes, plates, straws, cups and napkins. Imagine millions of those transactions that happen every day and we end up with a landfill full of waste.

Making food takeaway service environment-friendly

In almost every economic and business activity there’s a corresponding environmental impact. Even when recycling there’s still little environmental impact because we need energy to sort the waste and reuse or recycle what’s still useful. That energy required might have come from burning fossil fuels. Even from solar energy, manufacturing the solar panels also requires energy and materials from nature.

It’s a similar case in food service outlets where we have to buy equipment and source different ingredients. We also have to buy packaging supplies especially now when there’s much preference and pressure to have the food delivered or taken home instead of dining in. Those packaging supplies including the straws, cups and napkins will eventually end up as waste in landfills.

To make the food takeaway service environment-friendly, one straightforward approach is to use supplies that have less environmental impact than single-use plastics. For example, here at Kent Paper we supply food containers and boxes made from cardboard. This material is compostable in contrast to single-use plastics that accumulate and stay in the landfills (or even end up in oceans) for decades and perhaps centuries. Moreover, those cardboard boxes and containers were manufactured through eco-friendly means. Less material was used and the entire process was made sure to be efficient and responsible (e.g. from recycled paper or virgin paper content sourced from sustainable forests).

It’s only one way of reducing environmental impact in food takeaway services. Other ways are about using environment-friendly cleaning products and multi-purpose containers (e.g. where you can bake, serve or pack the product using only one box). Aside from helping protect the environment, these practices can also help your business become more profitable because customers will surely notice.

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