How to make your cafe an Instagrammer’s dream

Posted on June 13, 2017 by Ash Bennett

It is no longer always enough for word of mouth to spread about your “out of this world sandwiches” or “mouthwatering desserts” for business to boom. In today’s social media driven world, people are choosing where to eat, drink, and hangout based on how Insta-worthy the spot is… especially cafés. Aside from the obvious food presentation, small touches around your café can make you an Instagrammer’s dream and as the old saying goes “if you Instagram it, they will come,” or something along those lines.

  1. Aesthetic: A word so frequently overused by millennial hipsters, aesthetic is truly the backbone to Instagram. Whether your café gives off a cozy and dim feel or radiates light with its monochromatic walls, fully own your aesthetic. Marble tables or patterned tile floors tend to be a favorite among avid Instagrammers, though for every all neutral Insta-feed out there, a colorful feed is searching for a warm, funky café to add to their mix.
  1. Wallpaper: Didn’t we all spend hours taking down dated wallpaper when it went out of style years ago? The answer is most likely yes, but we are not talking about the maroon floral wallpaper many grandparents’ homes are still covered in. Unique wallpaper that covers one accent wall in pineapples or glistening stars can be seen all over the ‘gram. Wrecking Ball Coffee in California has taken full advantage of the popularity of the “cute” fruit known as the pineapple by featuring pineapple wallpaper perfect for a photo backdrop. The café even markets the hashtag #PineappleSelfie to capitalize on Instagram’s 400 million daily active users.
  1. Signage: The neon sign’s days of being the mandatory decor of dive bars and biker hangs are long over. Browse any hip Instagram feed and you are sure to see at least one photo of a pink or white neon sign boasting a short but sweet message.
  1. Packaging: Even the newest of Instagram novices have been known to take a classic cup in hand picture to show off their go-to drink. While beautiful drinks are one way to get your café into the feeds of ‘grammers, an easier way to ensure you get some photos and tags is to offer unique packaging, whether it be a fun slogan on your coffee cup or your classic logo.

Little features can make all the difference in dubbing your café Instagram-worthy and in today’s tech-heavy world, those little features can pay off big time.

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