How Ronald McDonald got a heart

Posted on November 12, 2016 by Ash Bennett

Back in 1959, a new McDonald’s opened at a rate of one every five and a half days, and back then there was little thought or even knowledge of sustainability.  Let’s face it, McDonalds has been one of the greatest contributors to garbage and landfill since they first started growing.

When I was a kid in the 1980’s there was a successful anti-Litter TV campaign showing sun-kissed Aussie kids on BMX bikes, picking up litter to the jingle…‘Do The Right Thing’. It didn’t take much. Overnight, it seemed, we cleaned up our act. Australians were leading the charge in recycling habits and litter reduction. That now seems like a nostalgic age, when the worst thing you could do was chuck your empty can of coke by the side of road. Now, you know, that empty can might find its way to “The Great Pacific garbage patch”. ‘Doing the Right Thing’ has gotten complicated, but just like in the 80’s when consumers were challenged by littering and  ozone holes, purchasing habits have changed. Now with the reality of climate change, deforestation and species decline, the customer is once again responding and it seems some unlikely giants are tuning in.

McDonalds for one, now has a serious vision for sustainability. It comes complete with cute fuzzy logos; symbols of love hearts and a flower holding green planet earth that say… Community – People – Planet.  By 2020 McDonalds plan to have sourced one hundred percent sustainable coffee, meat and palm oil. Not only do McDonalds have their own Climate Pledge, there is an aim to dramatically increase recycling, a serious drive for the fair treatment of animals, and a promise to completely stop deforestation. It’s all very impressive and forgive me if I seem cynical, but don’t tell me it’s because the folks on the board at Macas’ suddenly got a bleeding heart. Perhaps there is a real intent for McDonalds to clean up their act, on environmental, animal cruelty and health fronts, but mostly it’s because being sustainable, is good for business. The customer cares deeply.  McDonalds knows it, and if McDonalds and many of the other big brand business are taking this whole sustainable movement seriously you had better tune it. Being environmental friendly is not only good for our beautiful planet it’s good for business too.

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