Holiday Tips for Your Coffee Shop Business

Posted on May 26, 2018 by Ash Bennett

Christmas is a busy time for the food service business. Patrons will not only be looking for a cool refreshment in the heat of summer, they will also want to celebrate the biggest holiday of the year. Here are some ideas to take advantage of the season while also delivering the best service to your customers.

Redecorate your shop.

Make it look, feel and sound a lot like Christmas in your shop. Play favorite Christmas tunes. Hang up holiday decors and lights. For your tables, use holiday-themed covers, napkins and/or utensils. Check with your packaging supplier for seasonal items. Try to shop off-season in order to catch deals and clearing sales.

Don’t forget about your website and/or social media page if you have any. Splash some holiday colors there or switch to a Christmas background image.

Give your menu a holiday makeover.

To make the holiday extra special, offer seasonal flavors. Start with standard Christmas spices like cinnamon, peppermint, pumpkin, ginger or nutmeg, and come up with your own recipes. Sweeten your treats with cherry, mango or plum flavors.

When planning your holiday offerings, decide whether you will go old school or new or both. It will be the hottest time of the year, so iced drinks and cold meats make sense. But some folks may still prefer warmer, more traditional entrees.

Use packaging that will accentuate the products you offer. Display seasonal treats in trays, clear containers or windowed boxes.

Help customers save time and money.

People are always in a hurry during Christmas. Think of ways you can help speed things up. Suggest prepared meals since those can save them the trouble of choosing individual items off your menu. Give extra effort to your takeaway service for those folks who are too busy to sit at a table. Takeaways can be big business during the holiday rush.

Customers are willing to spend more during the holiday, but anything that could save them money would be a welcome break. Offer coupons or announce contests through your social media page. Give a free gift to patrons, like a free cupcake or cookie. Now is the time to reward your customers, so they will remember you the following year!

Make holiday gift packages.

Who can resist coffee and treats in an attractive packaging? Sell gourmet coffee or Christmas-themed baked goods. Or put together an assortment of your most popular items. Bundle them in gift packs and set them at a wide range of prices. Don’t forget about the no-fail gift cards in various denominations.

Whatever you sell, be sure to use appropriate packaging. Try windowed tin-tie bags for coffee and cookies. For larger purchases, give customers a shopping bag or gift bag. Drop in a flyer or menu to go with it.

Make sure your staff is ready to help customers shop for gifts. If someone is unsure what to get, they should be able to make suggestions. Offer free samples (especially of seasonal flavors) to help them choose.

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