Freshen Up: This Season’s Hottest Café Trends

Posted on September 26, 2017 by Ash Bennett

Spring is here so here are some tips on this season’s hottest café trends. If you run a café, you know the importance of moving with the times. Customers want a café that is stylish and on-trend while also providing delicious, ethically sound produce. The new season is bringing some exciting trends in café style and substance, so you’d better keep up. These style tips are hot from the oven and totally delectable.

Smoothie Bowl Style

Juicing hit its peak in 2016 but now it’s all about smoothies. And not just smoothies, but smoothie bowls. Served like soup and sprinkled with slices of fruit, nuts, and other yummy extras, smoothie bowls are the next big thing in café breakfast style. Make sure that they look Instagrammable and super chic before you serve them up.

Chalkboards Are Back

A chalkboard menuSignage has been neglected in the past few seasons but it’s back with a bang, and it’s all about sketches. Get your most artistic barista to doodle something sweet on your chalkboard and you’ll find new customers pouring in from the street.

Sustainable Chic

The internet has heightened everyone’s knowledge of sustainability and ethical practices. Thankfully, as a result, more people care about keeping the world healthy. Make sure that your products and packaging are sustainable and eco-friendly. It’ll help the planet, your conscience, and your bottom line.

Mixtape Madness

Cassettes went out in the Nineties but mixtapes are back in style. Put together a curated playlist of songs that evoke the right atmosphere for your café and make the track listing available on your social media whenever you update it.

Tea With A (Healthy) Twist

People want teas with health benefits now. It’s all about matcha, kombucha, turmeric, and added vitamins. Make sure you’re offering teas with healthy twists so that your wellness-oriented customers can find something they love on the menu.

Label It

Typography is making a comeback and people are loving handwritten labels on Instagram. Use vintage-style labels with elegant names in your food display cases, and list any potential dietary or allergen issues too. This will make your café more accessible and stylish at the same time!

Coffee Cocktails

Everyone is loving coffee cocktails: delicious coffees, often cold brewed, served with an alcoholic twist. If you’ve got a license to serve alcohol, take advantage of this and create some of your own coffee cocktails to serve in the afternoon and evening. These alcohol and coffee pairings are super popular and on trend for the new season.

Junk Food Delights

The days of fasting are over and it’s time for feast. Junk food is back in style this season as kale smoothies and the 5:2 diet are on their way out. Get some naughty treats like donuts, brownies, and cupcakes back on your menu for this new season. After all, the occasional sweet treat soothes the body and the soul!

Try these new café trends to keep your establishment up to date. They’ll bring a new lease of life to your café to help you attract new customers without alienating your loyal regulars.

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