How to Make Your Food Packaging a Valuable Branding Tool

Posted on May 18, 2018 by Ash Bennett

Anyone who works in the food industry will know that the way a dish is presented is one of the most important elements of the service. This includes restaurants where the presentation of the food is key to creating an image, as well as takeaway establishments where food packaging presentation is the most important factor to consider.

Choosing takeaway containers may be an exercise in prioritising functionality above all else, but that doesn’t mean you cannot also incorporate a promotional message that will help you to capitalise on your business’s marketing efforts.

As part of your process of considering the type of packaging you will need for your food, it is important to think about the image you want to present to your customers. When your menu is stuffed with whole foods, organic produce and ingredients that focus on high-welfare farming, sustainable packaging will also feed into your brand message and emphasise your holistic approach to nutrition.

However, if your focus is on versatile food which might need to withstand being carried around all morning and eaten on the go, then you will want to choose strong packaging that will protect the contents so it is in the best possible condition when it’s eaten. Not only does this ensure your customers are able to enjoy your food at its best, but it also shows that your business understands what its customers need. This allows you to position yourself as the provider of a solution to the problems they are likely to face.

Purveyors of specialty foods can also lend their fare an element of credibility by choosing the right packaging. If you have a reputation for making luxurious muffins, then you want this to be reflected in the presentation, with everything from beautiful patty pans to expertly designed boxes and lids, which not only protect the contents but also show off your work to its best effect.

If you are serving a hamburger on the go, then serving it in a cardboard tray will establish you as a business that goes the extra mile to give their customers an authentic experience. Even something as simple as a double-wall coffee cup with a travel lid can win over customers who will appreciate your efforts to ensure that they can enjoy their drink on the go without spilling it or getting burned.

Similarly, there is no point making the best gelato around if you are serving it in tubs that leak or fall apart before it’s all been eaten. If people see your customers struggling with a dripping tub, or any packaging that isn’t quite up to the job, you will find it hard to persuade them to come to you next time they fancy something to eat.

Whatever your target market, it is important to consider how your packaging contributes to your brand image. This will be one of the ways your customers form their opinion of your business and help keep them coming back for more.

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