Fast Food Packaging and Raising your Appeal

Posted on January 17, 2018 by Ash Bennett

Food packaging is part of the experience for fast food customers. It not only protects the meal, but it’s also how the shopper carries the food, stores the food, and often serves as dishware for eating the food. From better burger wraps to Chinese noodle containers, the aesthetics of your presentation can turn people onto your restaurant or off of it. Choosing classic fast food packaging sends a classic message that has the customer anticipating a particular type of meal. Opting for a different look could have patrons expecting quasi-gourmet.

Burgers and Chips

A traditional fast food meal, hamburgers and chips are typically boxed or wrapped in paper and tossed into a bag. Burger wraps have improved over the years, like the PleatPak Burger Wrap. It unravels in a clean and convenient way, eliminating the possibility of spills and making handheld food a lot easier to eat. With the PleatPak wrap, your customer can hold a burger with one hand and use the other to dip into a box of chips. For take out food that is often eaten in a car, this food packaging solution is far easier than foam trays or burger boxes, which require multiple hands to use.

To Go Trays

Lunch-goers often take fast food to a food court, park, break room, or other facilities that have tables but no dishware. Foam trays are an excellent option for a parkside restaurant or a café that offers outdoor seating. Fish and chips don’t often wrap well and are displayed better in a lidded tray. With separate compartments inside, eaters can dip into their favourite sauces right in the tray without resulting in soggy chips. If they don’t finish their meal, foam trays make for easy storage both in the car and the fridge.

Noodle Take Out

Sometimes you want a classic look to go with your take out food. Chinese noodle boxes have mouths watering before they’re even opened because everyone can anticipate what’s inside. They’re not just for show; noodle boxes are convenient to transport, naturally biodegradable, don’t allow for leakage, and act as bowls. Cardboard noodle boxes come in all sizes and aren’t exclusively for noodles. Sandwiches, salads, wraps, nachos, and fried foods also fit well in this type of food packaging.


With take out food a growing trend and lifestyles getting ever busier, restaurants are keeping up by offering quasi-gourmet take out. Everything from handmade hamburgers to hand rolled sushi is now available as a fast food option. Customers respond positively when the food packaging reflects the gourmet care that went into preparing the food. Compostable fibreboard containers with viewing windows set the stage for a restaurant-quality meal eaten on the go.

It’s important that your food appeals to your customer right away.  Proper food packaging ensures appeal and builds anticipation not only for the buyer, but also for anyone who sees the food walking down the street or passed through a window. It’s a traveling advertisement for your restaurant.

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