Does Good Packaging Really Matter in Food Businesses?

Posted on June 18, 2020 by Ash Bennett

Every little advantage counts especially in the competitive food and beverage industry. This includes advantages in the product itself, the customer service, marketing and brand perception and the packaging.

Does good packaging really matter in food businesses?

Should we just focus on the product itself? However, customers might find it hard to differentiate among products coming from various bakeries, cafes, restaurants and other food service outlets. Also, they use “shortcuts” to make a quick decision on which product to buy and where to buy it from. After all, they don’t have the time to try most of what’s available and as a result they rely on shortcuts such as focusing on the packaging and the presentation of the product itself.

Packaging is not just about protecting the product, but also about setting the stage for the final reveal. It’s like those occasions when both children and adults love unwrapping and opening the gifts. There’s that build-up of tension and excitement before the contents get revealed. There’s also that delight once the cake or muffin gets shown to the children, family or the receiver of the gift.

Packaging is also about making the customers’ lives a bit easier and being practical. In dine-in establishments, customers value speed and convenience. Customers also value those in takeaway services and in addition, they might also value the practicality and responsibility in the use of packaging. With the raised environmental awareness, customers might now be more conscious about where the waste ends up.

In the Australian Packaging Covenant, the ambitious target is that “100 per cent of Australian packaging be recyclable, compostable or reusable by 2025 or earlier to cut down on the amount of waste we produce.” In other words, this is about going zero waste and making sure none of the packaging ends up in the landfill. Indeed it’s an ambitious target, but this level of ambition diverts financial and intellectual resources towards sustainable packaging.

Here at Kent Paper we’re also committed to sustainability. We source cost-effective packaging supplies from certified manufacturers with a proven record for producing sustainable packaging that will safely breakdown into our environment. We also have here bake and serve trays and cartons that help minimise waste. This also helps businesses become more profitable and achieve faster operations. For your enquiries about packaging supplies for your food service outlet, you can phone us at 1800 536 872.

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