Do Customers Really Care About Your Business Going Green?

Posted on February 11, 2020 by Ash Bennett

Many restaurants, cafes, bakeries and food service outlets in Australia are doing the best they can to stay present for their customers as well as become responsible in their business operations. One way they practice that responsibility is by going environment friendly and adopting only sustainable practices.

But, do customers really care?

It’s nice to hear if your business only uses environment-friendly packaging and disposables. But will customers prefer you over the cafe just close by because of your eco-friendly practices? Will it really help to attract more customers and improve your branding and reputation?

More than 90% of Australians surveyed have a high level of concern about the environment and sustainability (source: HP and Planet Ark study). Also, almost one-third of urban Australians surveyed prefer buying products that are sold in environment-friendly packaging (source: Mintel’s 2019 Global Food and Drink Trends). No matter how we look at it, Australians are becoming more aware now of our modern living’s environmental impact.

What does this mean to cafes, restaurants, food service outlets and bakeries? It’s crucial to adopt more sustainable practices now than wait for the government to make it required to use only eco-friendly packaging and disposables. Sooner or later, most businesses will be compelled to go green 90 to 100% because of consumer pressure as well as laws and regulations.

As a business owner or manager, what can you do then to make your business go green? You can start with your daily supplies or things that your customers use regularly and on a large scale. Cups, plates, napkins, trays and shopping bags are some of the supplies that should be friendly to the environment because of their sheer quantities. Behind the scenes, it’s also great to pay attention to what you and your staff use daily such as detergents, hand soaps and glass cleaners.

Many food businesses in Australia get those environment-friendly supplies from us here at Kent Paper. You can first browse our eco-friendly products and quickly find out which of them is fit for your business.

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