Decorating your Cafe for Mothers Day: It’s all in the detail

Posted on May 10, 2018 by Ash Bennett

Café owners, we know you’re busy, but don’t forget: Mother’s Day is next Sunday!

And since Mother’s Day can be an extra-hectic day of the year for the food service industry, there’s a bit more on your plate as far as prep goes. What can you do to make your coffee shop or restaurant an attractive option for a Mother’s Day destination–and build up customer loyalty in the process?

Here, we’ve rounded up four quick, easy ways to make your café the go-to spot for crowds looking to honour their beloved mums.


 Find your colour inspiration.

Changing up your décor for specific holidays can be as simple as strategically adding pops of colour to your tables and register. Traditionally, Mother’s Day colour schemes are designed around pastel reds and pinks, but a more offbeat colour like lavender can suit nicely if you take care to keep things tasteful rather than gaudy.

table with pink decorationsMake sure to take your existing décor into account when picking a shade, and consider extending your colour scheme to include your cutlery and food packaging for that extra touch. If you’re going pink, for example, why not serve gelato with pink plastic spoons? Finding small ways to continue and expand your theme will set your restaurant apart.

 Let flora speak for you.

Whether you’re partial to carnations or to roses, flowers are certain to imbue your space with a sense of motherly appreciation. Pink carnations, which symbolise love, and red carnations, which signify admiration, are traditional choices, but you can use nearly any bloom to add to your coffee shop’s Mother’s Day vibe.

flowers display on restaurant table

One caveat: flowers can get expensive! Try using a bud vase with a single posy per table, for instance, rather than any large bouquets.





 Put out doilies for your dainties.

While paper lace doilies are a year-round classic, they can also be a delicate way to customise your table settings for Mother’s Day. Try tucking a small one under each coffee cup or using a larger one as a placemat. Use floral tablecloths and coordinating paper napkins to further dress things up and enhance your theme.


 Send them off with a sweet souvenir.

Nothing will warm Mum’s heart more than complimentary dessert. Consider giving out a free miniature cupcake with a coffee or tea purchase as a thank you to mums for choosing your café to celebrate their special day. This is a cost-effective act of goodwill that serves to cement your shop into patrons’ minds.

If you offer your complimentary treat to-go, don’t forget to tuck a flyer or card advertising your shop into the packaging. Taking every opportunity to make a lasting impression will always give you a boost over the competition.

How are you planning to prepare your shop for this upcoming Mother’s Day? Remember, your ultimate goal, aside from helping your guests to celebrate the holidays, is to score return customers.


Restaurant Blackboard








Let us know what you’ve done to make holidays special in the comments below!

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