Choosing a Disinfectant for Your Food Service Outlet

Posted on February 5, 2021 by Ash Bennett

The disinfectant should be effective against COVID-19, S. aureus, Salmonella and other microbial threats. This is especially important in food service outlets where contact and cross-contamination are very likely. This way, you, the staff and customers will always be protected from the alarming threats.

Choosing a disinfectant for your food service outlet

The disinfectant should also be applicable on various surfaces such as steel, plastic, metal and glass without causing any undesirable or adverse effects on those surfaces. Also, it should be somehow cost-effective as we now regularly need to disinfect surfaces especially those high-touch areas (e.g. door knobs, tables, seats, faucets, taps, sinks).

It’s also crucial that the disinfectant is fast-acting. This way the microbes will be immediately killed and we minimise the threat. For this, there are products that ensure 99% disinfection within 60 seconds (and then wipe off the surface). That contact and exposure time is vital to killing the germs on that surface.

Notice that the mentioned requirements and standards above seem to be hospital-grade. It’s exactly the case because surfaces in restaurants, cafes, bakeries and other food service outlets could easily facilitate the spread of germs. In those establishments it’s crucial to prevent the spread of the germs in the first place.

Aside from those high standards, it’s also important that the disinfectant or any other cleaning product you use has a minimal environmental impact. After all, we will be doing the disinfection regularly to ensure ongoing protection against microbes. As a result, it’s important that the disinfectant is environment-friendly and has a non-toxic formula. The product should be safe to use as well on food processing areas. This way there will be no danger both to the people and the environment.

Here at Kent Paper, we have here safe and environment-friendly disinfectants and cleaning products for food service outlets. For more information, you can start browsing this page and read the corresponding Safety Data Sheets.

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