Cafes, Bakeries, and Coffee Shops: Use Your Bags for Branding

Posted on January 17, 2018 by Ash Bennett

Whether you own a tiny town bakery or a booming coffee shop in the middle of Sydney, your brand image is crucial to your ability to gain customer loyalty. And as the one product that almost always makes its way home with your visitors, what better place to work on branding than the bags customers will see long after they leave your shop?

Visible Logo

While having a unique and memorable logo is a big part of branding, it’s not all there is to it. Nonetheless, printing your company logo on your bread, cookie, or take-out bags can help customers’ experiences with your brand stick in their minds, and encourage them to come back next time they’re looking for an exceptional afternoon cuppa. Make sure to spring for the colour option when you take your bags in for printing — consumers respond more strongly to colour than to any other design element in your logo.

Social Media

Your social media presence is another defining aspect of your brand image. Have your Twitter handle, Facebook page, and blog URL printed on your bags along with a reminder to your customers to check out your social media. Invite them to join the conversation, share their experience with you, or stay up-to-date with menu changes or news.

Company Values

Your cafe isn’t just about making a profit. You have a set of values, a mission statement that has something to offer the world. Print it on your bags to make sure your customers know where you stand. Whether it’s about protecting the environment or serving the best darn cup of coffee they’ve ever had, your company values provide a way for clients to relate to your business beyond the food and beverages you offer.

Tell Your Story

People love a great story. While your website and social media are great platforms for you to share your story, printing it on the bags your customers take home with them puts it directly in front of them — no searching through pages of content to hopefully stumble upon it. Write a paragraph or two about how you started your company, the commitments, and passions that fuel it, or even a story about some of your best-selling products.

Engage Your Customers

Coffee Cart in Farmers Market

Running contests are a good way to engage consumers and get more repeat business. You can market the event, as well as the prizes that go to the winners, on your bags with instructions to go to your website for more details. Encourage other forms of engagement by asking for customers to share photos, fill out surveys, or tell their personal stories on your social media. You can even give it a human touch by putting your loyal customers’ photos on your bags.

Branding with Packaging

Branding is a vital part of marketing your cafe or restaurant. The packaging that you send home with your customers provides an often overlooked but valuable outlet for your branding efforts. But before you start brainstorming ideas and checking out local printers’ prices, make sure you are getting packaging from a family business who offers high-quality packaging options at a reasonable price.

Based right here in Australia, Kent Paper is your one-stop shop for all the packaging your cafe, bakery, coffee shop, or restaurant needs. Contact us today to learn more about our excellent products.

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