6 Flavours Your Cafe Needs To Make Great Coffee

Posted on August 25, 2017 by Ash Bennett

There are those who believe that the best coffee is just … coffee. Rich and dark, with maybe a little sugar, and nothing else. Then there are those who like their coffee sweet, creamy, and intricately flavoured. Whether you are a coffee purist or not, however, your cafe customers need a variety of flavours to choose from. No matter how good your coffee is, some enthusiasts just prefer a little something extra in their cuppa.


The classic taste and aroma of vanilla should be a staple in every cafe. Pair the smooth vanilla flavour with a medium-roast Colombian coffee, and serve it with decadent chocolate desserts or flaky, crispy pastries. You can add it to just about every type of coffee drink, from your milky piccolo to a bold long black.




One of those flavours that you either love or hate, caramel Syrup is a must-have for those customers who love that sweet-salty taste. Enrich a deep Guatemalan with it, or drizzle it over a coffee-flavoured milkshake and serve with your best coffee cakes, cinnamon buns, or danishes.


The smooth, nutty, intricate flavour of hazelnut goes well with just about any kind of coffee. Lattes, espressos, and cappuccinos all benefit from its well-rounded taste and aroma; and hazelnut coffees can be easily paired with fruits, nut breads, desserts, and even eggs.

Chai Spice

Chai Spice isn’t just for tea. Instead of serving up the traditional Chai latte, try mixing the ginger, clove, and anise flavours of Chai in a Costa Rican or Haitian blend. Spice up your favorite cappuccino or macchiato with Chai, and serve with shortbread, muffins, or oatmeal raisin cookies.


For every black-coffee purist who walks into your cafe, there is someone on the other end of the spectrum who wants their coffee to taste like a dessert all by itself. A rich chocolate syrup can turn your flat white into an unforgettable mocha; or put it in a full-bodied Brazilian to really kick up the flavour a notch. You can also drizzle it over a steamy latte to add a touch of visual appeal.

Raw Sugar

Nothing gives you quite the flavour that you get from using raw sugar instead of white in your cuppa. Rich yet subtle, raw sugar can add depth to any coffee without compromising the coffee purists’ principles. It’s also significantly better for you than refined sugar, so even the most health-conscious of your customers can have a sweet treat that they’ll feel good about at your cafe.

Australian coffee culture is one of the most refined in the world — we’re renowned for taking our coffee seriously. And if you serve the best coffee in your area, you need to have the best coffee flavours to go with it. At Kent Paper, our coffee syrups are made of the finest natural Australian ingredients you can find, and are concentrated to make them last longer. Contact us to order from an Australia-based, family-owned business who really cares about its customers.


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