3 Ways Cafe Owners Can Attract New Customers on Facebook

Posted on August 10, 2017 by Ash Bennett

Running your own cafe comes with a lot of challenges. One of them is attracting a steady stream of customers. It’s not always easy to get coffee lovers to chose your cafe over others. One solution is to be present on social media. Facebook, in particular, has proven to be a great platform to promote local businesses. Yet, many cafe owners are not aware of the best Facebook marketing strategies.

When you apply these strategies, you can quickly raise awareness about your cafe. Your current customers will also feel a stronger connection with you. To top that, you will get useful feedback on how you can improve your services.

Without Facebook, you may miss out on new people who could fall in love with your cafe. At the same time, you may be leaving a gap in the market. Your competition may be lurking not too far behind, as well.

Don’t worry though: you can use the tips below to get started right away. Use them to create your own ideas. Let your unique style and message shine through. After all, your personality is an important part of Facebook marketing.

Start a Local Coffee Lovers Group ( on Facebook )

Online marketingYou can build your own community on Facebook. Many business owners are already using Facebook groups to keep and attract customers. It is free to start a group on Facebook so you don’t have to worry about losing money.

The best thing about Facebook groups is, you can run special promotions with a few clicks. You will also build customer loyalty by giving them a place to share their passion for coffee. Your group members will enjoy connecting with you as well. This can lead to more people walking in through your door.

It’s very easy to get started. In fact, you could be running your own group in 15 minutes from now! Go to and follow the steps.

The “secret” to Facebook ads…

How to make your cafe an intagrammers dreamYour cafe could benefit from promotion via the Facebook ad platform. You can run affordable campaigns that will be shown to potential customers. Your budget can be as little as $5, so it’s a very low-risk way to market your business.

You can set up your ads to appear only within your chosen radius from your cafe. You can also choose the exact audience for your ads. For example, you may run your ads to a specific age group.

The most important “secret” is for your ads to give something of value to the customer. Discounts, contests, and even free cups of coffee can rush a stream of new paying customers to your cafe. People are also very likely to share special offers they find interesting.

The key lies in getting people to take action. If your ad only talks about your brand, your customers won’t be able to engage with you. But, the right offer can motivate them to discover your cafe.

Be active on Facebook…

How to make your cafe an Instagrammer's dreamThis may seem obvious, yet many business owners forget this part. Facebook is all about being part of the “pack”. Just like in your cafe, people gather online to connect with others. In order for them to come to you, you’ve got to at least meet them half-way.

There are existing local Facebook groups where your potential customers hang out. You can build a lot of trust by taking part in discussions. Groups that cater to book lovers and writers, for instance, are a good place to start. You can also use your Facebook page to share interesting facts about coffee. By putting out interesting content you get a chance to stay in your customer’s minds. This is a two-way street: your customers will enjoy adding to the conversation. In turn, they will be more likely to share your posts with their family and friends.

As you can see, Facebook offers you a variety of options to spread the word about your cafe. It’s best if you start with one. Once you start seeing results you can build upon your success. Don’t be left out of this opportunity. With Facebook, you could bring in new customers, starting today!

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