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Check out Kent Paper’s range of disposable cutlery, skewers & coffee stirrers. A must have for all food service outlets, we stock both plastic and environmentally friendly knives, forks, teaspoons and spoons as well as cutlery sleeves. We also feature Japanese-style wooden chopsticks and cake cutters and servers. Each item can be purchased separately or there are mix packs available in the plastic category.

Don’t forget the small essentials! Kent Paper has a great variety of wooden toothpicks, skewers and cocktail forks to ease the process in your food preparation or add the finishing touch to a food platter. Our wooden toothpicks and steak markers come decorated in an assortment of small paper sheet flags.

We also have natural wooden coffee stirrers to offer an alternate to plastic spoons. Kent Paper has you covered when it comes to all your catering needs in the food service industry, whether you’re a café, bakery or restaurant.

Kent Paper is a trusted supplier of packaging and catering products for Australia’s leading food service outlets, bakeries, restaurants and cafes. We feature an extensive range of disposable sundries across the site to cater for all requirements.